Painting. Creating Artistic Shots With the Camera.

“It’s been said that photographers are painters in a hurry. Or, we’re painters with ADD,” said Shannon and David from the iPhone Photographer blog.

With that mindset, they came up with an interesting challenge that I decided to participate in. “Shannon and I thought it would be a fun challenge if we embraced the whole photographer’s are similar to painters thing, and tried to create painterly images only using your camera. That means no fancy apps or software to change a regular photo into a painting.”

So I played around with my camera in my yard. I purposely shot out of focus or moved the camera while on slow shutter speeds. It was an interesting challenge for sure as I kept looking at my shots thinking, what if I try… I took a number of shots. Below are some of the shots I like. They were all touched up with some basic brightness/contrast adjustments. And a couple I did some slight cropping to as well.

Then, just for a little variety to my shots (since they are all on only a few subjects) I played with the hue/saturation tool on the following shots. Other than the color tweak, the picture effects were all done with the camera just like the ones above.

To join in on the fun, make sure you go to the challenge post. Just click here.


12 thoughts on “Painting. Creating Artistic Shots With the Camera.

  1. It’s always fun to play with the camera. I thought I had my new camera kind of under control, but then I had to reset some settings because I was using a flash and accidentally I reset all the settings. So, for a day I went around shooting JPEG’s without knowing it…
    I have to play (and learn) more! 🙂

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    1. I can’t laugh as I am frankly very unaware of all the technical aspects of my cameras and flash. I know just enough to get what I want (most of the time) but sometimes techy people will ask me questions, and I give them the deer-in-the-headlight look. Then they look at me like, how do you get paid to take photos when you don’t know what the [insert some random camera feature here] does on a full moon when your ISO is at 800 and your Fstop….


      1. It felt like a miniature disaster for me, because I had shot some semi-decent concert photos and knew that I could work on the RAW file to really make them shine. Then I discovered that I had no RAW files, only small JPEG’s! To quote Senator Clay Davis: “Shiiiiieeet”.
        Luckily the ones that I shot with flash was good, so out of ten shots I got 3-4 good ones.

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        1. I can imagine the feeling! I get excited about some shots and then realize I did something wrong and think….aaaahahhhhh no!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the good ones you got! 🙂


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