Week Two. One Four Challenge (June).

Greetings followers! I hope this Monday morning finds you happy and well. Welcome to the second week of June. This also means it Week Two of the One Four Challenge.

For this week’s edit, I needed to do a closer crop on the little spider. In doing so, I noticed something that I completely missed while shooting this. The cute little spider is eating a cute little bug. Um, not so sure this is cute anymore. However, it is life in the bug world I suppose. So, now that I brought us closer, I am glad I chose to play with the two different shots of the little spider. It is much easier to see the other bug being slowly eaten in Week Two A. “Sorry little bug. I swear I didn’t know this was happening at the time.”

As for editing steps, it was fairly simple this week again. I just took Week One’s shots and cropped in on them. I was worried if the focus was crisp enough for such a dramatic crop zoom, but fortunately, I think it worked. After cropping, I just did a touch up tweak on brightness and contrast. That’s it. Short and sweet again…minus the closer view of murder.

As a reminder, these are my Week One shots so you can see how far away the little spider was to begin with.

If you are not familiar with the One Four Challenge, just click on the badge below. The host, Robyn, has her edit for Week Two up on her Captivate Me blog. After you check that out, make sure you search ‘One Four Challenge’ in the reader to find the many other participants. There are some great edits out there for sure.


13 thoughts on “Week Two. One Four Challenge (June).

    1. I know Ben! I do too. Right now I only have a macro app on my phone. I may have to go look for more spiders now. Preferably they will be outside though.

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        1. What? You can reverse your lens?!?!?!??!? And they have macro adapters? Clearly, I need to study the equipment side of the house a lot more!


  1. ..ah Michelle this is too funny and exactly why I love Macro photography… you never know what is just under your nose or feet… even bug dinners! I definitely like the closer look 🙂

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