Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (June).

June is nearly over and I am late to the season challenge, but I do have a good reason for my lateness. The day that I took these photos, I met an incredible man. And since our blind date, we have had an intense and incredible time getting to know each other. Frankly, it could make a great romantic novel one day or at least one hell of a ridiculous Hallmark movie 🙂 But that is a story for my writing blog soon…

Anyway, back to the pictures below. The Monthly Photo Challenge, which is hosted by Cardinal Guzman, has the goal of getting photographers out to the same location each month to take variety of photos. So for June, I decided to head over to Columbus, Georgia again. But this time, I went on Market Day. For blocks, local vendors and farmers set up stands. There is everything from produce to jewelry to clothes. Regardless of the item, they are all local creations. It is one of my favorite events in the summer as I adore getting fresh produce and tantalizing fudge. I took so many photos, that I had to pace myself to just show a few here now. Otherwise, it may be been a bit to overwhelming. So, I will save the rest for another day.

In addition to the market though, I went to the same location and listened to some live music the night before. Now, that was a treat as well. There were a few different bands, but I enjoyed them all. One of the bands was a gospel jazz band. I had not heard them before. It was a bit different than my regular live band experiences, but by all means not in a bad way. They were impressive. The next band was more of a rock/funk/jam band. They were pretty amazing I have to say. Here are a few shots from that fun.

I am not sure how to upload the videos from my phone that I took that night, but I did find some old videos on YouTube that give you a taste of the bands. I hope you enjoy them.


For June’s


6 thoughts on “Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (June).

    1. Thanks! I wound up taking so many market photos. So there will definitely be more to come. The concert was fun for sure. I am glad I went.


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