Week 1.5. One Four Challenge (July).

Welcome to Week 1.5 of the One Four Challenge. What is 1.5 you ask? Well, that is the week before Week Two and the week after my mistakenly posted Week One. I apparently was so excited to post another One Four Challenge post that I did my Week One a week too early. (And was not pay attention that last Monday was the last week in June and not the first week in July. Oops.) So, in light of my eager mistake, I will make this week my Week 1.5.

For my wacky mistake week, I figured I should do something odd to my original pier photo taken in Jamaica this last May.

Original July 1-4

To make this photograph a wacky abstract, here are the steps I did in Photoshop CS5:

  • Created another layer of the photo.
  • Applied the distortion option of ‘polar coordinates’ to that layer.
  • Added the Sprayed Strokes filter to the above layer.
  • Opened the HDR Toning option to the photo (which merges all layers, but I really had only used the one so far anyway) and turned down the details to make it soft.
  • Rotated the photo 90 degrees counterclockwise.
  • Cropped the photo so that the light was on the left side of the photo.
  • Clone stamped some colors of the sky to make them flow more.

And this is what I go…

Week 1.5 July

I know, a little out-of-the box different. When I looked at it, I immediately wondered if this is what the light on the pier may look like to an ant? I suppose it could, lol.

If you were making an abstract of this, what would you have tried? What do you like? Not like?

For those of you not familiar with the One Four Challenge, just search it in the reader. There are several contributors! But make sure you also go to the host page, Captivate Me. Robyn is a true artist on her page, and she will lay out how the challenge works. Just click on the badge below to see her post for this week.


4 thoughts on “Week 1.5. One Four Challenge (July).

    1. Thanks Robyn. I do love this challenge. And, I don’t think I have ever created an abstract before I started blogging. Now, I have tons!


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