Bridge. To Love, Happiness and Independence.

One of the things I adore about wedding photography is watching the chemistry between people. I enjoy seeing how they interact and balance each other. It intrigues me how they cling together, speak with one another and transform into a married couple right before me. Of course, every couple is different and it takes practice to put them at ease enough to really capture it.

When it happens though, it is magic. It is like having a window into love and happiness. You can see new opportunities in the world when you witness such joy and independence. Some may disagree that marriage is a form of independence though since it is the joining of two people. However, to me, marriage is the ultimate independence. If it is true, unbridled love, it will free a person to be themselves. It will fill them with passion to reach their potential. It will motivate them to be the best person they can be. It will support them to stay strong when they are weak. For no one can do everything themselves. We all need to know we are loved, respected and valued. When we feel those things, we cannot help but be the best versions of ourselves. May we all find the true love one day and not be afraid to cross that bridge. For on the other of that risk is love, happiness and independence.

love on the bridge


For Where’s My BackPack’s Challenge ~ Independence.

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