Week Three. One Four Challenge (July).

It is time for Week Three of the One Four Challenge where photographers edit a photograph four different ways over the month. The edits can be dramatic or subtle. Their photo, their choice.

For July, I decided to tweak a simple iPhone picture I took in May while on vacation in Jamaica. I had put my Nikon away for the night so it was “off duty,” but I could not resist taking a picture of the stunning sunset before me. Thank goodness for the camera phone in these spontaneous camera worthy moments in life.

Here is the unedited shot.

Original July 1-4For this week, I went a bit dramatic…again. In Photoshop CS5, I took the following steps:

  • Applied the Glowing Edges filter to the photo (edge width 10, brightness 11 and smoothness 8).
  • Added the HDR Toning effect (-100 details, +84 vibrance, +58 saturation).
  • Lowered the curves to darken the sky some.

By doing all of that, I got this:

Week 3 ~ July

What do you think? Any ideas on what else I could have or should have down with this effect? Or any ideas on what I should try for Week Four? To me, it kind of looks like a scene from a futuristic movie where the Earth is devoid of most life. And yet, I find it pretty.

Make sure you check out the host blog, Captivate Me. Robyn has all of the challenge rules there and endless artistic photographs. To see her post for Week Three, just click on the badge below. To see the several other contributors to the challenge, just search One Four Challenge in the reader.



16 thoughts on “Week Three. One Four Challenge (July).

    1. It can be a bit over the top to use at times. And depending on my mood, I like it or hate it. Glad it worked for you on this edit. Thanks:)


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