AB Friday. Enhancing a Sunrise.

For this week’s After Before Forum, I decided to play with an iPhone picture that I took a few months ago. It was a stunning sunrise where I work and I wandered around to get a shot of it. While the phone shot was decent, it really didn’t display the power of the moment. So, I tried to give it a little boost to make it look like how I saw it in my mind.

Here is the original, unedited photo. Sunrise Michelle Lunato July Before

To get the edited shot below, I took the following steps in Photoshop CS5:

  • Applied the HDR Toning effect onto the pictures with the details lowered and the saturation raised.
  • Cropped the photo some so the flag pole is a little more in line with rule of thirds.
  • Adjusted the brightness and contrast.

Sunrise After Michelle Lunato

That is it really. Short, sweet and to the point. What are your thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

For those of you not familiar with the AB Friday Forum, make sure you click on the host page, Visual Venturing. Stacy shows all the contributors before and after edits, complete with links to all of their blogs as well. It is a great group of photographers and there is always something to learn!



11 thoughts on “AB Friday. Enhancing a Sunrise.

    1. Thanks Robin. It was a dramatic sunrise and right there over the main building on the base. So the flag was a nice feature. I just wish I would have had my tripod and real camera. But, it was a spontaneous moment that luckily my iPhone was able to capture.


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