Touch. Sharing the Loss Together.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ~ Touch, I wanted to show a heartfelt moment.

During a recent wedding, there was a moment during the reception where the groom was dancing with his mother. She started to cry and he embraced her. Then, he began to tear up himself. Seconds later, his brother came onto the dance floor and held them both.

Knowing that the father had recently passed away, I assumed this was part of the powerful emotions unfolding before me since they were expecting him to be at the wedding. (They had actually set up a chair during the wedding with his hat on it, symbolizing his absence, which I will post soon.)

Watching this mother be embraced by her two grown sons was so moving and the best display of “touch” I could think of.


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3 thoughts on “Touch. Sharing the Loss Together.

    1. I can’t lie, I got tears in my eyes capturing the moment, and again trying to explain it. They are a wonderful family and so full of love. It was an honor to get to help photograph their wedding day.


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