Thursday’s Door. Stone, Wood and Meaning.

I tend to be drawn to grand architecture. While doing a bit of wandering around a new city, I found this grand church. I photographed a number of details of the church and a variety of angles. It was really quite exquisite.

One of the most interesting details of the church though was its beautiful doors. So, in honor of Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge, I hope you enjoy this beauty.

10 sept

Birmingham, Alabama


For Thursday Doors by Norm 2.0.

19 thoughts on “Thursday’s Door. Stone, Wood and Meaning.

    1. They did a wonderful job on this entire building. It was so hard not to take tons of pictures of it. What a joy it must be to go to church there, or even be the grounds keeper, lol!

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        1. Great! I will have some more soon and will try to link it to this post and reply to your comment with the link so you can find it. Maybe next couple of weeks as I am trying to not over promise and I have military duty this weekend. This work thing gets in the way of my social life and blogging life, lol.

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        1. I just found it amongst the tons of emails. I really need to unsubscribe from some things as the inbox is getting a bit out of control! I think I can help you. See your email.

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    1. Thanks Stacy! I was so excited to see this church that I pulled over just to photograph it. I was like, oh, this can be an AB post, a Thursday Door post…. Several posts in one place!

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