AB Forum. Removing the Lines of Communication.

It is time for another After Before Friday Forum post. If you are unfamiliar with the forum, it is where you take one of your photographs, edit it, and then show the before and after results. The amount of editing is really up to you since it is your picture. You can go subtle or dramatic. Your choice. Either way, the goal is to practice your editing, and then share your steps and results with others.

For this week, I wanted to play with a photograph of a church I took while wandering around in Birmingham, Alabama. The church was quite lovely and grand and caught by eye instantly. The only downside was all the city distractions: signs, electric lines, cars, etc.

To clean up the picture some, I decided to start with the distracting electrical lines in the sky. Cloning sky over the lines was fairly simple, but extremely time consuming. (Why are there so many power lines anyway?!) The trick is to clone at a lower opacity and blend clones along the way so it doesn’t look fake. I also tried to clone some more blue sky on the right side of the photo as well.

Cloning the building areas that are covered by the wires was a bit more complicated.  The main tip I can give here is to clone small areas at a time so that your details look natural.

If you are unfamiliar with cloning, the simplest way to explain it is that you place your mouse over and area that you want to copy. Then you move to the area that you want to “cover” and basically paint the copy area over it.

So when I was doing all this cloning, it was late and I was tired. Now that I am more awake, I can see that this photo still needs a lot work. You can still see the power lines in the sky, and some of my edits along the building are a bit sloppy. However, this is the actual final edit I emailed Ben with my link. Clearly, editing late at night, while half asleep, is not a great thing. Huh. Go figure. In my sleepy haze though, it looked pretty darn good, lol.

So in an attempt to not ruin my photography reputation, I planned on doing another, more qualitative edit on this. I was then going to post that beautiful, perfect edit right here after this paragraph…

However, I went out on a date instead last night. So hopefully, you will forgive me and I can post an update to this later this weekend. But hopefully, you get the basic cloning idea (and forgive me for my sloppy edit).

To see all the other contributors to the AB Friday Forum, make sure you check out our new host’s post today! Ben just took over the AB Friday Forum from Stacey, so make sure you show him some support:)


5 thoughts on “AB Forum. Removing the Lines of Communication.

  1. You are forgiven, especially if the date was good. 🙂 It happens to me all too often, so I try to edit at least two days before the deadline, so I can revisit and change things. I like your image, that building is very beautiful. Your cloning efforts are better than my on my best game.

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    1. I really need to get a newer version of Lightroom and camera raw as I think it’s less time intensive in those programs, at least from what I hear.


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