AB Friday. Making a Portrait into a Drawing.

For this week’s After Before Friday Forum, I am recycling an idea that honors four different bloggers indirectly. Try to follow this thought process…

I was looking at Cee’s One Four Challenge ~Week Two post. And she showed a video on how to make a photograph into a “drawing.” It was pretty cool, so I tried it and liked the results. I thought, hey, this can be my next AB Friday Forum post! Therefore, this is a post inspired by Cee, which was for Robyn’s challenge that I am now using for Ben’s challenge that used to be hosted by Stacy at Visual Venturing. Funny how the photograph community is so connected:)

Now that I have attributed my chain of inspiration, on to the editing steps.

Had I not watched the video on Cee’s page on this, I would have never known the steps to making this work. In Photoshop, here are the steps:

  • Open the photo.
  • Create another copy (layer) of the picture.
  • Change the top layer of the photo to “color dodge” in the layer mode drop down box.
  • Hit CMD or CNTRL I to invert the photo coloring. (CMD or CNTRL depends on whether you have a Windows or Mac computer.)
  • Apply a Gaussian blur (around 18 or your choice for more or less details).
  • Select the layer and desaturate it in the layer’s tool box. (Do not try to desaturate it with CNTRL U, for some reason that does not work, or at least it didn’t for me.)

Bam, a drawing is born. What do you think?

Make sure you check out Ben’s post this week by clicking the badge below.


18 thoughts on “AB Friday. Making a Portrait into a Drawing.

    1. It is a rare occasion that brilliant is a word I hear, so I will say thanks! Steal away Ben and show me better ways to work it. I know you can tweak it more:)


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