Unusual Clouds. By the Water and Near my Heart.

The past few months have been a world wind of change. Life has sped up more, changed directions and at times, I have wondered, what is happening? Overall, the changes have been good. There has just been a lot.

With all this in mind, change was the first thing I thought of when I found these cloud pictures for Nancy Merrill’s challenge this week. The topic ‘unusual clouds’ got me to stop on these recent pictures, but when I looked at them, I saw more than clouds. I saw change and potential, forgiveness and rebirth.

In the first picture, there is a sailboat sitting on beach as the sun sets. It made me think of the past and how it no longer needs to sail. It is the past and it can sit on the shore and fade like the sunset into my memory. All the good and bad history, is just that, history. It cannot affect my present, other than serving as a lesson and perspective. I cannot change it no matter how much I may want to. Nor can I relive those moments of magic. Good and bad alike, they are gone and can only be reflected on and used for my present and future betterment.

sunset boatAll I have is the present, which brings me to the second picture. In this one, I see my life now. There are wispy clouds above an amusement park surrounded by water. It makes me laugh as I think, this is my life these days: bright, happy and protected from the rest of the world. All the changes in my life are like the rides. I have been spinning around and around, changing directions, and accelerating. I’ve thrown my hands in the air and let the breeze whip through my hair. I’ve been looking up at the unusual clouds and enjoyed the new view. I am finding peace in all that currently surrounds me, just as it is warm comforting water that is keeping danger at bay. Only those I want can reach my shores and receive admittance into my life, my park. Unsavory characters are turned away. Sorry. The park is closed for a private party.

cedar point from boat

I guess the key thing I need to remember now though, is that roller coasters eventually have to come down though. They cannot climb forever. And that is OK. I can prepare myself for any drop. It is all part of the ride after all. So when the time comes, I will just need to raise my hands in the air, feel the breeze on my face, enjoy the view around me and know, the ride can only go back up from there:)



For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge ~ Unusual Clouds.


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