Week Four. One Four Challenge (September).

Welcome to Week Four of September’s One Four Challenge! For this week, I decided to play with the “drawing” look a bit more.

Ironically, I was not actually trying for this particular look again. I was merely sliding levers and pushing buttons until I liked what I saw. After a few minutes, I wound up with something I liked, which was somewhat similar to another drawing effect I did recently.

Sept Week 4

To get this, I started in raw with the original photo. I desaturated the photo about fifty percent and bumped up the details and contrast about the same. This made the photo look pale and grainy.

After that, I opened the photo as a JPEG in Photoshop CS5. From there I adjusted the cyan colors in the selective color tab, which is under image and then adjustments. I slid the cyan lever down while tweaking the magenta and yellow until the painted bar on the boat looked almost lavender.

From there, I added the poster edges options from the filter gallery. This gave it a grainy drawing look that I liked. But it needed a bit more, or a bit less actually. Therefore, I desaturated it a bit more and boosted the contrast. Those were the main steps that I remember anyway.

What do you think? What would you try differently? Feel free to comment or make suggestions.

As a reminder, here are the other edits from the month.

And for those of you who may be interested, here are a few other views of the old boat on the corner block in the fishing village.

To check out other posts in the challenge, just search One Four Challenge in the reader. To check out the host blog, Captivate Me, just click on the badge below.



8 thoughts on “Week Four. One Four Challenge (September).

  1. I really like this version! The grittiness is wonderful and not cartoony looking.
    Nicely done and I think perhaps my favourite of the month.
    Love seeing the boat from a different point of view too. That screams to be photographed 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It did scream to be photographed. And once on the screen, it had some many options of edits. Some I am sure I have not even thought of! Thanks! I thought the grittiness worked well in this edit too.


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