Boundaries. Limits in the Battlefield of Paint.

My son loves to paintball, and I need to stay skilled at my tactical photography when not deployed. So the win-win scenario for us is for me to photograph him in the midst of “battle.”

We have found a place in Atlanta that has a number of fields and super fun staff. They are also strict on safety, which is a huge bonus for the mom in me. There is no need for major injuries in training battles, none at all. Of course, all paintball wars come with a certain amount of welts, bruises and bumps – even for the photographer. But hey, that is all part of my training-learning to stay out of the line of fire, moving quick and being aware of your surroundings at all times.

So in honor of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photography Challenge on Boundaries, enjoy these shots from “war.”

11 thoughts on “Boundaries. Limits in the Battlefield of Paint.

    1. I definitely recommend a filter and lens hood for an added layer of protection. And I get the referees to tell the players not to aim for me, so for the most part, I’m not an intentional target. After that though, it’s just avoiding the blast area as much as possible. Oh, and for safety, anyone on field wears a helmet with built in eye wear, even the photographer.


  1. How fabulous for you both to have an “official” place for paint-balling. We have nothing close to us here hence husband and son are heading to the bush this afternoon with friends – should be interesting to say the least, lol! 🙂

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    1. It’s definitely his favorite place but it’s 2.5 hours from home. So it’s an all-day event that only happens once every few months. Good luck to your husband and son. I hope they don’t get to banged up!

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