Memorial. Always Take More Than One Photograph.

Last weekend, my boyfriend took me out for a Sunday drive to take pictures. (Yes, this man knows just how to make me smile.) We wound up at a scenic overlook of the mountains not far from our town. As we both wandered about taking pictures, I noticed this tree stump that was down the hill a few feet. The grass was tall so it was hard to notice at first, but the flag caught my eye. I walked down the embankment to get a closer look.

I stood for a moment and thoughtfully honored this dear friend to someone. He was loved and missed enough for them to make their own special memorial for him, complete with a flag, cross, and sign. And, to add to the sincerity, it appears they had offered their buddy a few beers, and perhaps even had a few with him.

The beer caps made me think of the song, Drink a Beer, by Luke Bryan. In the song, he sings about taking a walk, stopping somewhere and sitting right there to drink a beer. It really is a beautiful song and it just seemed to play out in my head as I walked around getting shots of it from different views.


In Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge, we were to take a number of shots of one subject. I took these before the challenge came out, but they fit nonetheless. Actually, at the time I was thinking they would fit last week’s challenge ~ What All Well-Composed Photos have in Common since it had emotion. But, I didn’t get time to post it for that. Then, Cee posted the new challenge for this week. I think it fit this one even better.

You will see from the shots above, I moved around the memorial to get different shots. I wanted to do “Skeeter” justice and photograph his memorial well. After looking at all the photos and editing them, I think these are my two favorites.

I like the first one since it paints a picture of this memorial on the top of the mountain where it is close to God and yet secluded from the world below. A private memorial to a loved man of the Earth. The second captures my heart since it looks dreamy and highlights the flag and the beer caps. To me, those two elements show patriotism and love. May you rest in peace ‘Skeeter’ and thank you for letting me document your special place. I hope it brought you a smile in Heaven.


Just click on the badge to see what Cee’s new challenge is about.


This post was chosen, with a couple others, as a feature for this challenge! Whoo hoo! Make sure you check out the other features and the Gold Star Awardee.


15 thoughts on “Memorial. Always Take More Than One Photograph.

  1. I’m so sorry about your daughter’s apartment, but glad she is safe. Congratulations on being one of the other featured bloggers this week! My favorite of your photos is also your favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Thanks Cee! What an honor. I will update my post with the badge proudly:) It has been a hard week, but a lucky one. (My daughter’s apartment burned down, completely. But, we were blessed because she escaped unharmed! Praise God!!!!


    1. I think I was just the vehicle for Skeeter:) Thank you so much for the comment. It is very appreciated. And, I just love your challenges. I just need more time in my days!


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