Creek Bed. An Everyday Place With an (Extra)ordinary View.

This weekend, my boyfriend and I went out for a little walk. We wanted to go check out this creek that was nearby. It was a beautiful day and we were just walking and talking, enjoying being together. Eventually though, we started to realize, the creek bed was not as close as we thought. But we walked on since we had made it a couple miles already.

Once we got there, it was all worth it. Just an ordinary creek on an ordinary day in Georgia. But, nothing could have been more beautiful to me. We took a few minutes to snap some shots and absorb the moment. We will definitely return, but next time…we may ride bikes or drive since we discovered it was about a 7.5 mile round trip. (And I will have to bring my tripod. The shot below was my attempt at a slow shutter while placed upon a rock. The water is a bit over exposed, but I couldn’t seem to find the right setting to correct it. Ideas?)

However, when I look at this shot, I think, it was worth the long walk. And, how lucky did I get that I found a boyfriend who knows a walk to take some pictures is the perfect date? I am a lucky girl indeed.

slow water~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ~ (Extra)ordinary.



20 thoughts on “Creek Bed. An Everyday Place With an (Extra)ordinary View.

  1. I did find a few falls on our trip that weren’t as hard to get to, and I brought my tripod with me. I also have a polarizing filter that I put on. Those shots are a little better, but I really needed a stronger ND filter. It was fun to try anyway! I look forward to seeing your next attempts!

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    1. Falls are so pretty! Did you post them? What is the link? I will definitely go back and try to shoot with a filter and a tripod. And, I have a number of other shots from that day to post still.

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      1. We just got home from our trip last night, and I have hundreds of photos to wade through. I haven’t posted any of the falls yet Hopefully I will get to them soon. I love to edit, but the suitcases full of laundry are demanding more of my attention right now. grrr!

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        1. lol- I hear ya! Life gets in the way of my blogging too. Chores, work, family demands, dating, and sleep. Don’t all these things and people realize we have blog work to do? 🙂

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  2. Beautiful! And I think a filter is what you need. I just called my local camera shop last week, and he told me a Neutral Density filter is what can allow you to shoot in bright light with longer exposures. There is a 4-10 stop adjustable ND filter I’ve put on my Christmas list!

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          1. no! plus it was high noon and super bright light. The hike was too strenuous to bring my tripod, or to ask my husband to bring it. I’m kicking myself for not spending the extra to buy a carbon fiber tripod. They’re so much easier to carry.

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            1. Well, I took a good number of photos there were all white and useless. I was there, all crouched over the water, fumbling around with the camera and doing all I could think of to get it. I said, I walked all this way dang it! I totally understand the tripod struggle. It is real! I need to use mine more often that is for sure!

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                    1. There is so much to learn! I feel like I am always making mistake and I should know better by now after all the time and training I have had. I am just not a technical thinker though. I see pictures everywhere and try to capture them. But unfortunately, sometimes my skill does not do the picture justice. So I hear you! But, all we can do is keep learning.

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    1. Thank YOU for commenting. Of course I have about 50 other photos to go along with this trip. But, I am trying to pace myself and well, I didn’t have the rest ready yet. If I only had more time in the day. I suppose if I didn’t spend 6 hours walking….but I wouldn’t have change a thing. It was a PERFECT day.

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