Simplicity. Elegance of Fowl.

Sometimes, less is more. Simplicity can be elegant and make the main focus of your picture stand out. There are less distractions and noise, said Cee in her Compose Yourself Challenge ~ Simplicity.

The goal of this challenge was to take some pictures where there was limited things going on. Just one subject and make it simple. I decided to show a few shots I took of this lovely water fowl in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I took a number of different angles of the graceful bird as he remained perched upon a beam. The background is limed to the clouds and trees, and in some, just the clouds. I found I was quite intrigued by the bird and how he stood out from his natural setting. Just very regal.

For the challenge, I took one photograph and cropped it. In the first photo, I really liked the background. I noticed the reflections of the trees on the water and how the light created shadowy areas. Though it was all nice, it was slight distracting from the actual bird. So, I cropped the horizontal photo into a vertical. I think the vertical crop emphasizes the bird more now and down plays the pond. However, I still like the horizontal crop with the pretty pond more. Now, as a step further, Cee suggested we change a photo to black and white as well. In this shot, I think the black and white is good, but it doesn’t have the oomph of the one in color.

I thought I would try a few others though. In these shots, I think the black and white versions make the photographs more moody, more powerful. Though the backdrop in these is just clouds, the color version seems to pull my attention from the bird somewhat. In the black and whites, I am completely focused on the bird and feel as sense of elegance to this fowl. What do you think?

Make sure you check out Cee’s new challenge, Compose Yourself. A new theme comes out every Wednesday and I am sliding in with last week’s theme before the new one comes out. Hopefully, I am “safe” with my sliding attempt, lol.


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