Haunted. Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, I thought I would share a few pictures from the Sloss Furnaces, which I happened to stumble upon while on military duty in Birmingham, Alabama.

What a great photograph find that is full of history too. History that is reportedly haunted. 

Sloss  Furnaces is the location of “an annual Halloween haunted attraction. Once a year, Sloss Furnaces hosts a “Ghost Tour” based on a story written by Alabama folklorist Kathryn Tucker Windham. Sloss Furnaces has been investigated by Ghost Adventures from Travel Channel “Ghost Asylum” from Destination America and also by Syfy‘s Ghost Hunters. The story of Sloss’ preservation and modern use was documented in Alabama Public Television’s Sloss: Industry to Art.[7]

For many years Sloss Furnaces has been used as a haunted house attraction during the Halloween season. The event is termed Sloss Fright Furnace.”

I think a definite re-visit to Sloss may be in order…after I study up a bit more. And maybe, around next Halloween.

Happy Halloween folks! Be safe out there.


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