MM~32. Once Grand, but no More.

MM33 MLunato Photography

Bordontown, New Jersey


For Leanne Coles’ Monochrome Madness #32.


7 thoughts on “MM~32. Once Grand, but no More.

    1. I know! I always thought it would be so cool to have some super power that would tell you the stories of places you visit. (I am sure it has a name, I just have no clue what it would be.) However, I guess there could be a dark side to that too. Some stories maybe be dark and ugly.

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        1. It would be an interesting power for sure. It must be like in the Green Mile or one of the Twilight movies were the person could touch someone and know their thoughts. But instead, it would be like touching a building and know all of its past. Then you get multiple stories!

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