Week Two. One Four Challenge (November).

For Week Two of the One Four Challenge, I tried to use some of the comments I received from Week One’s edit, which is below.

Week 1

Nic suggested that I try to adjust the colors of just the tomatoes, and not the overall picture. So, I went into Photoshop CS5 and used the magic lasso tool to select the circumference of each globe. Originally, I  tried to use the oval tool but that was just too sloppy. The lasso tool was not too bad to use though. However, I did have to do each tomato separately, which made me decide to make them all a different color. (The yellow one in the back is the original color for comparison though.) Before I did this though, I did make a separate layer of the photo so I could revert to the original if I got too far and overworked.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.13.11 PM

The edges of the color changes did need to be blended some as they were a bit too obvious, especially the read. There is something about read that seems to stand out and need more tweaking I have noticed. ??? Look at the picture above and you can see the red one seems to be a bit fake. The line, particularly on the right side is a bit too harsh and fake.

So to soften them, I used a combination of the clone tool and blur tool. I tried to blend and blur the edges a bit more. There is also a an option, while the magic lasso is still open, to work on the edges, but I could not really figure it out yet. That will require some future research and practice.

After all that color changing and blending, I applied the HDR Toning effect as well. (See the settings below.) I thought this would soften all the details a bit more so that it looked more natural.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.18.18 PM

Somewhere in between all that, I also did a crop on the picture per svtakeiteasy‘s comment last week. I completely forgot to work on lensaddiction‘s idea on removing the dead leaf in the foreground though. Sorry! I can see how distracting it is now though, especially now that I cropped it. Next week, I will have to play with that…if I remember.

Anyway, here is the finally edit. What do you think?

Week 2

To check out other contributors to the challenge, search One Four Challenge in the reader. If you are not familiar with the challenge, make sure you go to the host page, Captivate Me, to see the rules. This month the challenge is being hosted by Nic though. So click on the badge below to see her post for this week.



13 thoughts on “Week Two. One Four Challenge (November).

  1. Great job, the different colours look good as a tomato vine often ripens at different stages – the one on the very left is a little bright yellow green for a tomato colour but only someone like me who grows their own would notice LOL

    You obviously worked hard on this one and my idea of moving the dead bit I think could be reasonably tricky (I wouldnt want to attempt it LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I agree, the green is a bit bright. I love the feedback as it confirms my question on that. It did take while to edit and it was good practice with the lasso tool. I hardly ever use it. I am going to see what I candy with that dead bit. Maybe in the future, I can just pick it out of my picture from the start. Now, THAT is editing!


  2. Wow amazing difference! 🙂 Great job! So, just to put it out there, obviously there are many ways to get something accomplished, but I was wondering if perhaps you could create a layer of the red adjustments, then add a black mask, and then lightly return the red tomato with soft white if it would 1) be easier to work with than the lasso tool, 2) give you more control because you can adjust the hard/soft-ness of the brush/airbrush and the opacity of the brush/airbrush. Which might help with that edge and also reveal some of the spots that are slightly lost in the red tomato. Overall, I love the different colored tomatoes and the crop, I think you did a great job. 😀

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    1. Oh, great tip. I could have done a layer and then merged them. That would have been WAY easier!! lol. Well, this was good practice. And yes, I agree. The red tomato needs some work. I only stopped working on it as I was tired and already a day past when I wanted to post this. I would complain, but it is my social life that is getting in the way of my blogging schedule….and I have never been happier. So, blogging may be a bit off schedule:)

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