AB Friday. Making an Album Page.

Time for the After Before Friday Forum. For those of you not familiar with the challenge, which is now hosted by Benjamin Rowe at Aperture64, it is about taking a personal photograph and showing your before and after editing shots.

For this week, I want to show you how to take a number of pictures and merge them into one picture-essentially an album page design. This is what I did when I worked for the photography studio. (Man, I miss that creativity outlet!)

The first step is to select a photo that an work well as a faded out background. I chose the shot below.


Then next step is to pick the pictures that you will feature on your background page.


The next step is to play around. You have to move the pictures around until you like where they are laid out. This is completely subjective of course and there are countless options. For the page below, I simply put the pictures of the baby in a line, but made the center one a little larger. This allowed that picture to stand out more.

The key here is to not distort the photos as you resize and move them. To resize the photo, but keep it properly proportioned, you need to hold the shift key down while you drag the corner of the box. (Control T will highlight the picture’s frame to resize.)

Then, I cropped the shot of the saying on the nursery wall. I wanted just the saying and not the rest of the wall. I then added it over the background picture.

Since I made all the pictures black and white, I decided to give the album page a touch of color. To do this , I did tow things. First, I added a pink stroke to the cropped layer that shows the angel phrase. The next step was to add a pink box behind the angel phrase layer.

I know this is a simple version of what to do, but I thought it might be good to start with a basic overview on album design to see if people were interested.


sample album page 2

What do you think? Suggest?

Make sure you go to Ben’s page, Aperture64. He will give you all the after and before shot links on his post. After that, join in the fun for the following week.





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