One Four Challenge. 2015 Review (Week Two).

The December One Four Challenge is about looking back. Over the past 13 months, there have been a lot of edits. Some good. Some blah. Regardless, processing photos has challenged me and expanded my skills. I am so glad that I joined the challenge back in November of 2014, which was just a few months after I started blogging.

So, in review, here are a few of my 2015 Week Two edits to enjoy…

To see other reviews, type One Four Challenge in the reader. There are tons of other bloggers in the challenge. To see the host blog, Captivate Me, just click here. Robyn has been the ultimate host and always posts some amazing photography.


2 thoughts on “One Four Challenge. 2015 Review (Week Two).

  1. So glad you joined us Michelle 😃 I didn’t realise you were new to blogging then – I’m really glad you jumped in!
    I see a few favourites in this lineup and I’m amazed how images can transport us back with memories – a few of these take me back 😃 It’s been a very fun learning curve xx

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