Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (December).

Each month I have tried to photograph the seasons in downtown Georgia for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Season Challenge. For most months, I have managed to make it down there. This month, I was a little later than usual, but I did make it. Though, I made it down there on Christmas Eve when it was raining. So much rain that the river was actually flooding. However, the flooding is another post. This post, I will show you the downtown area, or as they like to call it, Uptown Columbus, in its December glory.

To participate in the challenge, click on the badge below. Cardinal is adding a twist, or another option, to the challenge that may make it easier for you to participate. It really has been a fun challenge to do and has had me do everything from portraits to night photography to now, rainy flood photography. I will have to do a wrap up post for 2015 to show you all the variety. Since I seem to take so many photos though, I will do that another day as to not overwhelm you all with photos.

The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by


18 thoughts on “Seasons. Monthly Photo Challenge (December).

    1. Snow for Christmas-that is cool. We got tons of ran. So much the river went up 18+ feet I heard. I did some long exposure shots of it, which I will post soon. I had to spread them out since I took so many. Thank you. I am glad I finally got out to shoot my December gallery for your challenge.


                1. LMAO-I can only imagine. I was trying to take pictures of my horse and dog and then the same for a friend and her animals. Lord help me. Horses don’t care what you do to get their attention and if they do…they run.


    1. Thank you! I took hundreds of photos that day. So now I have those to process on top of the Barbados pics and some family pics I took the other day too. I think I have a backlog.

      Good luck with your mix. If you are stocked up at home, it could be a great reason to sit by a fire:) Avoid the roads and crazy drivers.

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