Bench. Hard Climb, Great View.

I have been meaning to do this challenge and life has just gotten in the way. Then, I realized December is the last month of the challenge! After my recent trip to Barbados, I knew I had to post at least once in this challenge. This one bench was just too good to miss. Unfortunately, I had to take this photo from a moving tour bus so I couldn’t really get a great shot of it. However, if you look at the top left of the rock, you will see a bench there. The bench itself does not appear to be amazing, but just imagine the view and solitude of sitting there staring at the ocean.

How do you get there? Well, according to the tour guide, it is somewhat easier to climb from the other side of the rock. Hhhhmmm. Maybe one day I will find out.


Since I am finally posting a bench photo, I better just show you the other benches I have collected as well. No sense in wasting the batch of bench pics I have gathered….

Well, since it is the eve of New Year’s Eve, I think I will find myself another bench. However, this time I will sit and ponder rather than take pictures. It is time to reflect on the year a bit. Then…it is time to see where this new year will lead me. If it is anything like 2015, I would not be able to complain:)

Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe out there.




For Small Blue Green Word’s Bench Series. 





7 thoughts on “Bench. Hard Climb, Great View.

  1. Well I am very glad you managed to round up all those benches in time Michelle, it would have been sad for them to lurk in the folders. I love your bench on the rock, though it would have to have a better route up to the top for me to sit there! Thank you for sharing,
    Jude xx

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    1. Thanks! I agree, it would have made me sad too, like they were wasted shots.

      I wish I could have gotten off that bus to photograph that bench closer and even sit on it. Oh well, maybe another trip.

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