One Photo Focus. January.

Happy New Year everyone!

Let’s start this year off right and go straight into some editing practice.

Stacy Fisher’s One Photo Focus picture this month is a great picture by Laura Macky PhotographyThe goal is to take Laura’s picture and edit it.

January One Photo FocusSM

As usual, I had no specific idea on what I wanted to do. So, I just set out playing, one step at a time.

First, I opened up an extra layer of the photo in the filter gallery of Photoshop CS5.

The gallery has small icons showing the different options you can apply to your photo. On the right side, are controls to the filter you choose.

Just a few months ago, I learned that you can use more than one filter at a time. This can be done by selecting and tweaking one filter and then, by adding another (and another…) To add a filter layer, all you have to do is click on square icon that is to the left of the trash can icon (bottom right). You can keep adding them, tweaking or deleting them, with those two icons. Below, you can see three different filters have been used: Sumi-e, Poster Edges and Ink Outlines.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 8.16.22 AM

I tried several filters and combination of options, but these three are the ones I decided to go with. Below is a shot of what the Sumi-e filter looks like on Laura’s boat picture.Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.45.51 AM

This shot is how the Poster Edge filter affected the photo.Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.45.35 AM

The ink outlines filter changed the shot this way.Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.45.12 AM

When all three filters are together, the picture changes yet again.Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.46.42 AM

The combined filters made the picture a little dark and unimpressive, but I continued to play and see what I could to. First, I decreased the opacity of the filter layer to 60 percent. This allowed the original photo to shine through some.

It was still a bit dark though, so I then played with the curves. And this was my final result.

JAN1PF MLunato

I think I may prefer the Ink Outline and the Poster Edge filters when they were alone. (See screen shots.) However, this was a good test to see what combined filters would look like on a photo. Of course, every photo is different. What may look good on this picture, may be completely different than what looks good on another. So, I am sure there are endless options.

To check out what other bloggers did to Laura Mackey’s boat photo, go to Stacy Fisher’s blog, Visual Venturing, by clicking on the badge below. There, she will post her edit on the picture as well as others. It is really interesting to see all the different edits on one photo in one place. It shows how many ways you can edit a photo.




14 thoughts on “One Photo Focus. January.

    1. What they are gone? Oh no. I have to get a new computer and camera in the next few weeks and months. I am torn on what to get and dreading buying new software. But, as you can see, my stuff is a bit dated now.


      1. Ut ohhhhh….yeah there are things to consider. They end up being really good things but the transition is a bit of a bump. Adobe doesn’t load the newer camera RAW profiles in older versions of Photoshop (and Lightroom). That’s how they get you to go into the cloud. I had this experience myself a few years ago with my previous camera. But…the clouded version (PSCC & LR) is only $9.99/month and you get automatic updates and I love it! It’s the way things have gone but I kinda like it. And as for the oil paint…they do have JUST the oil paint filter not the other filters. They had deleted most of those filters a few years ago but I guess people wanted the oil paint back, so they brought just that one filter back. But with all the blending modes in Photoshop, usually those other deleted filters can be replicated anyway in Photoshop using blending modes. Anyway, you might be able to purchase a stand-alone version of Photoshop Elements that has a newer camera profile but I would check all that out prior to purchasing. I think you can convert your RAW image to a DNG format though and open it in older software but I’m not quite sure as I don’t convert my RAW to DNG because I like working on all the data I can. Hope this helps without me droning on too long! What camera are you thinking?


        1. No, not the cloud! I’m kind of scared and unknowledgeable about the cloud. And I love all these filters. Ugh-this will all require effort, lol. But progress and knowledge are power I guess. I know I want Cannon but not sure which one really. I’ve been using a Nikon 300s and a Cannon Rebel now.


          1. I almost coughed up my coffee and the mere mention of Cannon! 😉 Just kidding. The cloud is great. I was scared of it at first too but I really like it now. The only thing I will say is it is a resource hog. Like all of these types of programs. If you are going to upgrade your computer, get one that has lots of RAM.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. So your a Nikon file then? I’m torn because I’ve used them both for years, one brand at studio and another for the Army. Outside they seem even but inside the Cannon seems to get better color quality in churches with horrible lighting. Or perhaps that is just my limited technical ability. Lots of ram is a must buy I’m still torn on computers too. So much to consider.


              1. I honestly don’t think that is true anymore. The Nikon sensors are amazing, especially if you go into the D750 or the D810 or a used D800 even. My guess is that the brands are so close in quality that it would be extremely hard to tell the difference. I use a Mac and am thrilled I switched to it in 2009. I was a windows/PC user since they put one on my desk in 1982 and always hated it lol. But Macs are expensive and there is a learning curve if one has been on a PC. Once I learned it though….that was it for me! There are a lot of things to consider. My advice is to ask people who are really good photographers what they think. Good luck and keep me posted!! If you ever have any questions, just drop me a note at

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