Flood. River Rising.

We always wish for a white Christmas, but it rarely comes here in Georgia. This year, we got close. Due to the warm temperatures, we got a wet Christmas instead though. It had been raining for days, literally. So when there was a lull on Christmas Eve, I went to Uptown Columbus to photograph my monthly challenge photos.

While I was there, I could not help but notice the rising river. At that time, it was reported to be over 18 feet above normal levels. I have to admit it was scary to see the water that high and flowing with such force. Scary was not the word some kayakers would have used though. After studying the water flow, they skillfully got in to surf certain sections, which of course, turned into a photo shoot for me. Here are some of the shots…



5 thoughts on “Flood. River Rising.

    1. Thank you! It was a bit scary to see the river like that I admit. But it was exciting to photograph it…from a safe distance away. Sorry for the delay in response. I found your comment in my spam box. Good thing I peek in there every so often.


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