Unwinding. With a Little Paint War.

Back in July 2012, my Army unit went to war. However, it was a fun war and it was with each other.

After returning from deployment, Reservists usually get a little break. In that time, we decompress, reconnect with our loved ones and can miss our monthly training assemblies. Generally after a month or two though, we get back to work. After a year in Afghanistan, my unit decided to blow off a little steam when we restarted our normal schedules. To do that, we decided to shoot each other up…with a little paint.

Ironically, I look back at these shots and a realize what a fun groups we had. We didn’t always all get along and times got hectic while we were deployed. However, we stayed a team. And after you redeploy (and rest), things come full circle. Your unit goes back into the training mode again. You start prepping for another potential deployment. That way, when you are called, you are ready.

So in this view, we were not only blowing off steam, we were practicing our tactical skills for sometime in the future. I call that a double whammy:)


For the Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Circle.

**Note: I was on military duty today and came across these files, so I figured I would share them. And yes, there was some friendly fire at the documenting photographer (aka, me). It was not from sloppy shooting though. Oh no. They aimed for my rump, and hit it. Good thing they were friends or they would have shot for my head!



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