Optimistic. Paintballs Make Smiles.


This past weekend, we celebrated my son’s birthday. There was some cake and gifts, but the biggest thing that made him smile was a paintball trip.

That young man just loves to run around the field, plotting his path to victory. He crawls and jumps and dodges. He is so full of smiles that it is worth the welts I get when I play myself. Fortunately though, when I am in the role of “combat photographer” the waring teams do not shoot me. Well, at least not on purpose usually.

As he just turned 18, I know that my time with him in the house is limited. So I am trying to enjoy it, welts and all. If paint balling makes this young man happy and optimistic, then I am all for it!


More pictures from this day coming this Saturday!

For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge  ~ Optimistic.

5 thoughts on “Optimistic. Paintballs Make Smiles.

  1. Haha yeah they definitely leave a nice bruise (especially those first strikes). I like to take my son paintballing we have a great time. The rest of the family is gonna get to go in a few weeks for free ladies day so fingers crossed they like it too so we all can go together.

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    1. It definitely stings! But, the times running around the field with my son are treasured times. The bruises heal but the memories remain. And, I totally got ‘cool mom’ points! Good luck and I hope the ladies wear some layers so the sting is a bit less.

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