Cropping. Multiple Pictures in One Place.

I was getting ready to post some pictures from a recent destination wedding I shot when I saw Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge #15 ~ Cropping Tips.

Though I did not shoot these photos for the challenge or do post cropping, I thought these still might be of interest since they speak on the same topic. The only difference is that my cropping was done while shooting.

Typically, that is the way I shoot. I see an image I like and then I move in for a variety of closer crops on the same pose. Then I change my view from horizontal to vertical and do the same. The technique generally allows me to gather a number of similar, yet different, photos without moving the subject too much.

Then, while in the same area, you can change it even more by adjusting something small: the placement of their arms or the angle of their head. That adds a twist onto the original photo where you can again shoot a series of far to close shots with some alternating horizontal and vertical options.

When you are done with that grouping of photos, you don’t really have to go far for a different look either. These next two shots were just three feet away-the doorway to the balcony we were already on. And there, I shot a series of far to close shots as well. Below are two different ones from the collection.

Of course, I have a few hundred more as I am an over-shooter. But hey, I like to give my customers lots to choose from…and I like to play around with options.





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