FSU. Entrance to the Unplanned.

While traipsing about Florida in December, I received a personal tour of Florida State University. It was a walk down memory lane. Not my memories, but my boyfriend’s.

This was where he spent his freshman year. Young and full of ideas. Aaahhh, yes. I remember those days well. Only mine were spent in Ohio. Since we never knew each other until recently, it was nice to hear his stories. Where him and his friends would go party. Where he ran on the track. Where he kissed a girl. How some buildings had changed while others not at all. I loved watching his eyes light up remembering his youth.

In one of those stories, he told me how he met a man at a bar. A conversation with that man led him to finalize his studies into turf management, which in turn had him finish college in Pennsylvanian. His degree then led him to the city we both live in now. We discussed the turn of events in our lives that led us to meeting. All those twists and turns in life, some of which neither of us were happy about. Yet, here we are, together and happy.

Funny. You just never know what is on the other side of the doors in our lives. Guess the only way to find out is to open them and see where they lead you.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.



2 thoughts on “FSU. Entrance to the Unplanned.

    1. I agree. We could have never imagined or wanted some of the events in our lives to happen, but we survived and they taught us lessons…and now we have met. It certainly is not a path anyone could have planned. Way to many states and years involved. I suppose some could argue the fate vs just making the best out of situations. I like to think that God keeps steering us back onto a path we should be on. However, as stubborn people, we derail ourselves often, so he gives us new chances to correct our path. We can choose well or not. I kind of feel like I am finally on the path I am supposed to be on. If only I had listened earlier in life, lol.

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