Colors. Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge.

Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge this week is about colors, and how they can change the mood of a photo. As you can see from the color wheel below, certain colors can make you feel warm or cool. You would think that there really isn’t much you can do about it though. The picture is the picture and it just reflects what was there. However, when you factor in lighting, camera settings, and post-editing work, you can have countless variations.


Let me show you. Take this photo of some bottles in a shop window. The photo to the left has a more golden hue. The photo to the right is more white and blue. With just some adjusting of the temperature setting in Raw, the feel of the picture changes drastically. Which do you prefer? In reality, if I am remembering correctly, the shot on the right is the closest to what I saw that day. As for which I prefer..I think it just depends on my mood of the day. I love the blue-purple hues of the jars to the right. Yet, the warm yellow glow is nice as well.

Now, let’s take the same idea outside. Below is the same shot of some weeds, but with different color hues. The one on the left is warmer than the one on the right. It gives off a different mood and look entirely.


As I was looking at these, I realized that I often just edit to whatever I like, not really paying attention to the color scheme as much as the feel I get. When looking over my archives, it seemed that I had more warm tones. I guess I am a sun baby.

Either way though, most pictures are capable of warmth or coolness with a little editing. Now, which temperature hue looks better? Now, that is for you to decide.

I will leave you with a few shots in both a warm gallery and a cool gallery.

Warm Gallery

Cool Gallery

Do you have a part of the color wheel you seem to shoot more of or edit to?

To see other submissions for this challenge, search CCY or Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge – CCY in the reader. Make sure you click on the badge below to see Cee’s post on this challenge as well though.




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