Blue. Grand Police Door.

3 MAR door

While on a tour in Bridgetown, I came across this giant blue door that led to the police department grounds. I was drawn to the bold color and style of the entry way. I kind of wanted to get close up and take more pictures from inside. However, I wasn’t really interested in spending my vacation time inside the jail area. Yeah, a shot of the door outside the police department was enough.

Barbados Police Department ~ 2015


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.


15 thoughts on “Blue. Grand Police Door.

  1. I imagine there might be people stopping by the police department for reasons other than being arrested, so a welcoming door might help ease the tension. Sheer speculation, but hey, the police might just appreciate the beauty, too.


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  2. Very nice choice but hey, what’s this: not ready to get arrested for your Art? Pfft!
    Who knows, I’ll bet there were some nice doors inside the jail too – there’s always next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. LOL, I wasn’t sure how she would take some crazy tourist taking her picture. So better safe than sorry. You bring up a good point, if I were a dedicated artist…. That reminds me of a time I got a speeding ticket and for some reason I wrote a letter to debate it. I wound up in court and the judge asked me what I could do for community service instead (since I offered). When I said I am a good photographer who worked at a local well-known studio, he had me go take pictures of the brand new, no-inmates-there-yet jail house. So, I got to get a tour of the place and take all kinds of pictures that were then hung up in the court house. Weird but true.

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    1. It made such a statement. I really wanted to get a picture of the police woman standing on the other side of the doorway, just inside the wall. (They had a really cool uniform.) I didn’t want to treat her like some tourist landmark though. So, I will just remember that in my head out of respect for her.

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