Crabby. Creepy, Crawling Cute Creatures.

While in Barbados, I became intrigued with the crabs that lived on the rocks along the beach. Each morning, my boyfriend and I would get up to watch the sunrise then take a walk. We would end up along these rocks and sit and talk. I started to notice these creepy, yet cute little creatures.

Naturally, I had to come back down with my camera to take some photos with my zoom lens. So there I sat for some unknown bit of time, snapping away. I stalked these creatures and sat still trying to get in close to see their details and activities. When I would sit still long enough, they would come around and move and even stop to stare at me. If I moved, off they scurried.

It was quite a workout to sit there all still and hold that long lens up in the ready position. Phew. During this though, I realized, these guys were kind of cute actually. Here are a few dozen pictures that I liked of that day since I could not decide…


For the’ Things That are Wet’ Theme.



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