Door. To An Older Time and Place.

Sometimes, my boyfriend and I go on fairly spontaneous trips. I say fairly spontaneous as we do have to say, hey, do you want to go…today, tomorrow or in a few days? We don’t just kidnap each other. Well, at least not yet.

So one weekend, he had to go to Florida to take care of something, and I tagged along. On the way, we drove by this old post office that caught my eye. It became a must-stop-on-the-way-back place.

When we pulled up though, there was a wire cable blocking the drive way. I so badly wanted to take some photos, especially when I thought it was some cool public site. When I realized this blockades must have been to deter people, even us door photographers, I was bummed. So I jus kind of stood there debating how badly I wanted to take the photo and would they really care if I walked past the barricade just for a picture? Meanwhile, my boyfriend started taking a few pictures, but from the road where we stood.

No trespassing was occurring, but we were caught red handed in a way. Ironically, as I stood imaging the pictures I could get if only I could get closer, an older gentleman in a pickup truck pulled up. I had an ‘oh crap’ moment where I thought I was going to have to explain my addiction of photographing doors and old cars and anything that is remotely interesting to this southern gentleman. I imagined begging and tears and southern sweetness that would cause anyone to lick their lips. Fortunately, the elderly man smiled. He knew our kind, the addicted camera freaks.

He graciously introduced himself as the owner of the property and invited us to walk around and take as many pictures as we liked. He had just put up the cables to deter vehicles from going in since some folks in trucks would “help them selves” to his antiques. From the looks of us in a four-door car with a teen in the back seat and a camera in hand, he rightly assumed his large, heavy, metal treasures we safe from our clutches.

I practically skipped up to the old building. (Yes, this door thing is getting addicting. The first step is admitting it though right?) Below is the door to the old post office. I just loved the look of it and the rocking chair added even more style.

10 MAR

Now, since I told you all this build up to this eye-catching place, I figured I better show you some of the other pictures I got while I wandered about this sweet old man’s property like a happy toddler.

Reddick’s Store says Benevolence, Georgia is it’s home. Technically, it is in Cuthbert these days. According to this site, this building served as a post office and gathering place for generations in Benevolence, but it was relocated to where it stands now. I couldn’t really figure out when it was moved or why, but there were some interesting comments from people telling their stories about how Reddick’s was the place to go on Saturday nights or when you needed an orange pushup ice cream. It sounds like a sweet old place.

As for all the cars…I got nothing. I suppose the owner just like old things. Either way, they definitely added some pizzazz to the scene.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door.


27 thoughts on “Door. To An Older Time and Place.

  1. Isn’t it nice when little ‘surprises’ happen like the property owner showing up at just the right time. It gave you a freedom of mind to go ahead and wander gilt free and get these wonderful pictures. – Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I am so thankful to the gentleman. Maybe I should print a few pictures and take them back. If he is not there, I could always leave them on the chair or in the mailbox?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a wonderful treasure trove to stumble upon – I love that first shot of the old door and rocking chair on the porch. Very nice fellow to let you walk around and take pics on his property.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He was a sweet man. So yes, I was thankful that he wasn’t like….what are you all doing poking around my property? I kind of wish he had time to stay and I could have asked him questions. Maybe another visit…


    1. I am partial to these old cars too. I look at this now and think, man, I could have done this angle and that…but I was trying to hurry as we had a teen in the car wondering what was taking us so long, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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