Family. Together With One Love.

One of the hardest types of photography, at least for me, is group portrait photography. When you have one person, you can really focus on them. Is their hair straight? Is that pose complimentary? How is the light hitting them? Does that smile look genuine?

When you have a group, you still have all those same questions, but it just multiples the factors? Now you have to look at all of the people in the group and get them to respond to you at the same time. Of course, every group as different dynamics. However, connecting with the group as a whole is critical for the pictures to show the group’s real essence and personality. There is nothing worse that a group pose where some of the people are looking away, distracted or forced into a smile.

In this shot below, I was fortunate. I shooting family portraits for my friends. So, I had met all the kids before and had a pretty go rapport with most of them. So the setting was fairly relaxed on that aspect. The kids, or shall I say young adults since they are all in high school and college, were in a playful mood too. So we really had fun.

I took a huge selection of photos that day. However, this one here is one of my favorites of just the kids. To me, this one just says family and one love.

all the kids


For the Weekly Photo Challenge ~ One Love.


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