Mystery. Behind the Green Door.

For Saint Patrick’s Day, I had to post a green door of course. So I perused my door stockpile photos and found this gem.

17 MAR door

It was from a trip to Sloss Furnaces in August 2015. I was in Birmingham, Alabama for some military duty and just went out wandering before I went home. While traipsing about, I found this old industrial complex that is now a historic tourist location, and reportedly haunted.

I didn’t know the history or acclaimed haunting tales as I walked around the place, but I was certainly glad that I was walking around during a bright sunny afternoon. I remember walking up to this green door and outside of thinking, oh cool a door shot, I thought….creepy, I wonder what is behind here.

So as I was preparing my green door post, my boyfriend mentions he thinks that The Green Door was a movie.

Really? That would be cool fodder for my door post…

So we look it up and find there was indeed a movie called Behind the Green Door, and according to Wikipedia, it was not just any old movie. Nope. It was a porn movie. But it was even more than that.

Behind the Green Door is a 1972 American feature-length pornographic film, widely considered one of the genre’s “classic” pictures and one of the films that ushered in The Golden Age of Porn.

I was only a one-year-old child then, so obviously, I did not hear of this “classic.” Nor did I ever know that there was a “Golden Age of Porn.”

Go figure. You learn something everyday. And, now I know what just might have been behind the green door at Sloss Furnaces-the ghosts of a porn classic.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.

I’ve posted a few other shots from this spontaneous wandering, so it was definitely time well spent. Here are a few of the other posts for those of you who are interested:

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30 thoughts on “Mystery. Behind the Green Door.

  1. Enjoyed you photo and all of the blogs of the Green Door. I believe the Green Door was produced by the infamous Mitchell Bros. of San Francisco and there is an intriguing story of their lives that no fictional writer could imagine; I think both are now deceased. They were in the San Francisco news often. I think I see a new blog coming about Pop Corn Tastes.. 🙂

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    1. Mitchell Bros. huh? I will have to google them now too, lol. This is turning into quite a research project! Ha! Yeah, there could be some popcorn blog, or at least page, coming soon. How we went from doors to porn to popcorn… well, I am random.


  2. From and interesting Green Door to the Golden Age of Porn… Woman when you jump you jump! 🙂 I’m with you I never knew there was a Golden Age of Porn it’s not my genre, but give me Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, and John Wayne and I’ll bring the popcorn.

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    1. lol-Yes, I am a bit random at times. I agree with you. Porn is not my genre. But give me a romantic comedy, drama or action flick and I’m there. The question now is: buttered popcorn or just salt?

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              1. Popcorn is so tasty with so many things put on it. Chocolate, nuts, chocolate and nuts, when you’re in the mood for spicy… a little salt, cumin, and good chili powder with the 0 calorie butter spray is yummy. Groan! I’m going to want to munch on some now!

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                1. I agree. The bought some caramel, chocolate, nut popcorn from the farmer’s market the other week – mind blown! I better get to bed because now I want some too. And I have already eaten like a glutton today so I am at my max.

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    1. I think it definitely has some of those hues in it Janet. I agree. It’s hard to put the words classic and porn together. For when I think of classics, I think of Sinatra, Gone With the Wind, Greese, Marilyn Monroe, Dances With Wolves, Star Wars, Dave Mathews Band…. books, movies, music that had style and story.


    1. I never thought of golden age and porn together. Never. Not once. I guess I never thought any would have such compelling acting that would make me go, hey-this must be a classic! Yeah, let’s be happy its in the past. But the way music videos and commercials are these days…it is almost like porn! Maybe they need to put that behind the green door too.

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  3. Very intriguing door. I never even thought of using a green one for Patrick’s Day – and I’m in Ireland. I think I used most of mine up on previous posts anyway. Shaking Steven had a song out years/decades ago called ‘The Green Door’ 🙂

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    1. I have always thought Ireland was so magical looking. (Never seen it in person though.) So then, I have to ask. Is wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day even a big thing in Ireland? Really? Now I will have to search that too! Who know a door photo could make me learn so much about movies and music?

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      1. We only wear green if going to the Parade. All over Ireland from small towns to large cities parades take place and there is definitely a sea of green at those events. Tourists often get into the swing of things and they are usually the ones wearing over-sized green felt hats and painted shamrocks on their faces. It’s great fun and for a change the sun is shining here today.

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        1. I do love a good parade and a silly big hat from time to time. Sounds like a party. Sun and fun all in one day? Whoot whoot! Maybe I will get to go one day:) Any places you recommend? I love countryside and old architecture.

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          1. You’ll find that all over Ireland. The capitol, Dublin, has a lot of historical buildings pretty much within walking distance of each other. Wicklow has beautiful scenery and old estate houses like Powerscourt House & Gardens and Avoca with it’s hand weaving water powered mill, the oldest in Ireland (1723). Galway City (I’ve done a few posts on it) is full of vintage character, bohemian atmosphere and very old buildings. I love going there. I could go on and on but I’m beginning to sound like a tourist guide, lol. Hope you get to visit some day.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, the Wikipedia link was actually pretty interesting. I would have never imagined so much story behind a porn. Not sure what the “plot” was in the movie itself (outside of the obvious), but the whole Ivory Snow commercial and movie ties were interesting. AND they made a sequel and a remake? It must have been a classic indeed.

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