Lily. Elegance A Float.

While vacationing in Barbados, I became a stalker of all things photographic, but particularly of some water lilies.

There was a small fountain in a courtyard and every morning, the lilies would bloom. Often, it was a different lily each day. And depending on the time of my arrival, the lilies would be a various stages of bloom. I became fascinated with them and would check on them a few times a day. I was drawn to their lush green foliage and soft pastel petals. There were even some little fish as a bonus:)

Here are a slue of my favorite shots…


For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge ~ Get Your Green On.


7 thoughts on “Lily. Elegance A Float.

    1. I so was! There was one random white bloom in there too, but it only came up one day and I saw it but was headed out on a day trip. When I returned, it was gone. Oh well. I had such a blast there and took 700 photos (outside of the wedding I shot)!

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