Dancing. Carefree on a Hot Southern Night.

One of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding is the reception. Not just because there is cake, though that is generally a pretty awesome bonus. I really liked the atmosphere. By the time the reception hits, everyone is relaxed and just having fun.

I still shoot weddings here and there on my own or help some friends with their clients. But this shot below is when I worked for Flip Flop Foto. That is where I learned a huge part of my photography style.

Being in southern Georgia, it’s hot. And in this particular shot, it was an extremely hot night. I assumed the kids were getting overheated some, like the rest of us adults. However, the kids had the bonus of getting a little more relaxed than us overdressed adults. These two little dolls were adorable as the flower girl and ring bearer, but when they started dancing, my heart about melted in a cute overload. Now cooled down some, they were able to just dance the night away, carefree and full of smiles.



For the Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Dance.

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