Door. Fort Benning Postal Past.

Since I am in uniform today, I thought my door of the week should be a military related door.

These shots are from a historic display in the small town of Warm Springs, Georgia, a town of under 500 people (in a 2010 census). Originally called Bullochville, the spa town dates back to the 19th century and became known for its warm mineral springs.

Being fairly close to Fort Benning, which is the home of the U.S. Army’s infantry forces, this was apparently their post office or relocated post office from the base. There were no signs explaining the tie to the close base to be sure though. So this is just my own personal deduction.

The town did have a well known claim to other federal government though. In the 1920s, President Franklin Roosevelt originally visited there for the mineral springs that seemed to ease his polio pain. Eventually, he lived and worked out of what is now known as the  Little White House (which is now a museum).

The area became well known enough for the medical benefits that the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation was built, and remains in operation today. (Or at least some medical facility with a similar purpose seemed to still be open anyway. I didn’t notice the exact name on the grounds though.)

The “downtown” part is pretty small and really consisted of about two blocks of stores, half of which were closed. The ones that were open though, seemed to be quite interesting: gift shop with unique items, local eateries, ice cream shop and a clothing boutique. More things were closed than open though. That includes a golf course that was quite grand and unique several years ago, according to my boyfriend who is in the that industry.

It was kind of sad to see so many things left in disrepair. Yet, I suppose it makes sense. It is a small town that is a pretty good distance from any major places of employment. I myself have only been in that area about three or four times since I moved to Georgia back in 2006.

Too bad mineral springs could not ease the pain of the town itself…


For more information on President Roosevelt, click here.

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9 thoughts on “Door. Fort Benning Postal Past.

  1. I knew about the Warm Spring connection with the President, but I didn’t know where it was. It is sad to see abandoned property, regardless of where it is. I guess it’s part of time marching forward.

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