April. One Photo Focus.

I can’t believe April is here already. Yet, no matter if I believe it or not, it is here and it is time for the One Photo Focus.

This month’s picture is of a lovely barn that was taken by Cee of Cee’s Photography. Below is Cee’s raw photograph.

B4 April 1PF

I thought the photo would make a good drawing in a book so I played around with some filters to get that kind of look.  (Before that, I made a duplicate copy of the original though.) I ended up with the Sumi-e filter, which is in the filter gallery of Photoshop CS5. (Yes, I am still playing with this edition as I hold off on buying a new laptop and software package.)

Below is a screen shot of the settings I chose with that filter.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.59.36 PM

After that, I turned the opacity down on this layer to about 50 percent. This allowed the original, untouched layer to shine through some. Then, I desaturated the original layer to about 50 percent as well.

I liked where that was going so I then merged the two layers together and adjusted the brightness, contrast and curves a touch.

This is the final result. Do you think you could see it in a book? Does it look like a drawing?

MLunato Photography After

If you are not familiar with the One Photo Focus, make sure you click on the badge below. Stacy (of Visual Venturing) will show  you all the different versions of edits on Cee’s picture that were submitted. It really interesting to see how many different types of editing are possible. Generally, I am wonder trying to figure out how some people get the magical edits they do.




16 thoughts on “April. One Photo Focus.

      1. I’m laughing because I just posted on Emilio’s blog that I just can’t seem to do the lovely faded images that people produce. lol Mine always end up vibrant! Go figure. 😉 But thanks for the compliment.


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