Prom. A Night of Glamour.

Recently I did a little prom photo shoot for my friend’s daughter. We met downtown, with about 100 other prom attendees and their photographing parents, in efforts to take some fun shots.

The whole time I was taking photos though, I kept thinking…my prom pictures were certainly NOT this glamorous. Oh no. It was the 80s and there was BIG hair and gowns.

However, these fun friends were an elegant and timeless couple. I may need to get them to model for me again, when there is about 100 less people in the area though.

Here are a few shots from the day…



11 thoughts on “Prom. A Night of Glamour.

    1. I hope, and think, they did. I got a little flustered because there was so many people around. I should of screamed, I trying to work here people, lol.


  1. Wonderful set! I’ll bet they were thrilled with the photos. If you think the 80’s were bad, the 70’s were even worse! I wore a powder blue gown and my date had a matching colored tux! LOL

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        1. I have some ridiculous dresses too: metallic green mermaid style, lace with wide vertical pink stripes, and some baby blue ‘gone with the wind’ thing. Oh and we thought we looked cute?

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    1. Thanks. I have a few more, but this was all I could get to for now. It’s time to prep for an obstacle mud run and a birthday celebration at the beach. Life calls, pictures can wait. However, I KNOW I will find some doors down at the beach fishing town!

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