Groups. They Come in all Shapes & Sizes.

Photographing groups is more of a challenge for me. Multiple people/animals just means more chances of something going wrong. There is bound to be someone looking the wrong way, or making an awkward face. Animals just do what they want pretty much and will not face the camera regardless of what you try.

However, if I just let the group be and not force something from them, I can get lucky and capture the mood, the emotion, the moment.

That is when group photography shows its power.




6 thoughts on “Groups. They Come in all Shapes & Sizes.

    1. Thanks! I seem to like the candid more than the posed for just that reason. However, it is hard to avoid the posed during family portraits, weddings and what not. So, group posing will stay a constant challenge I guess.

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    1. Thank you. I usually find my candid photography is so much stronger than my posed shots. Capturing a moment is so much more natural than the poses I can give things anyway.

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