Inn. And Out of Many Doors & More.

This week’s Thursday Door post comes from Apalachicola, Florida.

This was my favorite door inside the quaint inn of the fishing village we stayed at to celebrate my boyfriend’s 50th birthday.


The Bowery Inn was restored to it original, or near original look of the 1900s, in 2015. I have to say I just adored the decor. It was a haven for my photographic whims. And, it was comfortable and clean. What more can you want from an affordable room?

Below is a set of photos from inside the inn. (Last week, I posted a few more shots of the door above and some other shots from the hotel too. Just click here.) Next week, I will post a few more. (Yes, I took a lot.) So stay tuned to next Thursday for a few more doors and more from inside the inn.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.



14 thoughts on “Inn. And Out of Many Doors & More.

  1. Your featured door with the green millwork is gorgeous but I also like the blue one (looks like it might be under the stairs? maybe?). Nice shots.


    1. It really was. I was all geek-like excited thinking about door and photos, lol. I had so many photos, I figured I should share them in sets so I don’t overwhelm. So, I have another batch already edited and ready. Then there are more from the walk around town, the hike, the beach… get the idea. Oh, yeah, and outside of pictures, we had a blast celebrating that weekend too.

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    1. It really was. A little off the beat and path and not for those looking for a lot of action. However, it you like quaint old fishing towns, good food, and uncluttered beaches….it’s perfect.

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