Doors. Even More Outside.

As promised in last week’s edition of Thursday Doors, I am actually leaving the quaint, comfy room of the inn to show you some of the outside scenes from Apalachicola during my visit last month.

This week’s feature door was just down the sidewalk from the entrance to our inn. Like I said, the place is not glamorous. It is an old fishing town that is trying to revitalize itself. This particular shop of the large building appeared to be empty. However, its door caught my eye instantly.


I just loved the weathered look of it. Actually, most of the town has the same worn, but loved, feel to it. My boyfriend and I wandered the streets one morning after watching a sunrise to get a closer look. Below are a few shots from that walk. Of course I have more. (I almost always have more pictures!) But since I was falling asleep while editing these last night, I decided this was enough of a peek for this week.


For Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.


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