May ~ Week 3. One Four Challenge.

It’s Week Three of the One Four Challenge.  As a reminder, here is the original photo I started with.

Original Small

This week’s edit was more creative but I won’t go in as much detail. Not because I am trying to hide some secret skill. No, I wish I had that level of ability to conceal. Instead, I am really just in a hurry. My son and I are about to go to a movie. Seeing how he graduates and moves at the end of this week…he gets the most of my time. (I am sure you parents will understand.)

So here is the edit that consisted of adding the Angled Brush and Glowing Edges filters (in Photoshop CS5) to Week Two’s edit. Then I did a little crop and here you go…

Week 3

Now, I’m off to the movies! Enjoy your night and don’t forget to check out Robyn’s page since she is the host of the challenge.




10 thoughts on “May ~ Week 3. One Four Challenge.

    1. Thanks Robyn! We had fun at the movies. Tonight’s fun was dinner and cookie making. I may stuff him full before he leaves. Oh, I’ll have to make him care boxes of goodies once he leaves…oh…I am going to be sad:(

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      1. Oh I can imagine how you’ll miss him. My boy is an adult and I still miss him 🙂
        Sounds like you’ve been having a great time – yes feed him up…lol I trust all goes well in his new journey x

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        1. Yeah, I think I am bugging him to death now: you want to hang out? want me to take the day off? Right now we are both just chilling out doing our thing but together. I will miss him dearly. He’s off to college in my hometown. So, my sister is there to be my stand in:)

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    1. Thanks. I do love the neon colors in the glowing edges filter. It doesn’t work with all photos but for some it just makes them kind of cool. (Well, if you like neon colors I guess it is.)

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