Distance. Too Close, Far & Just Right.

Long walks/drives and cameras just go together for me. Of course, the longer the walk/drive, the more pictures I take. Or is it, the more pictures I take, the longer seems? That may be similar to the chicken and the egg argument, so I will just let you decide.

Either way, here are a few pictures from a long walk and leisure drive in April while visiting Saint George Island. The selection of shots I selected to share are my response to Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Week 26 ~ Distance. 

Enjoy them and have a great weekend.


Stay tuned, tomorrow I will post more pictures from within the State Park on Saint George Island.


8 thoughts on “Distance. Too Close, Far & Just Right.

  1. I agree, they are superb shots for this week’s theme of ‘distance’. Great depths to them as well.
    Thank you for joining the challenge this week. I hope the trip to the island was a good one. It certainly looks very quiet there.

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    1. Thank you very much. Oh the island is wonderful. It will always be our special place as that was our first trip together. What I like about it most is that it is not over populated and touristy. The beach and park were quiet and almost private at times. And the nature there was undisturbed and serene. If you like nature and peace and quiet, it is perfect. For those looking for discos and parties, this is not the place.

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        1. Mine too! lol. We did find a place that did have some nice live music though on our first visit. We sat and ate and enjoyed it. We even had a nice slow dance. However, it seems it closed on our second visit. So, we just danced in our room:)

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