May ~ Week 4. One Four Challenge.

Week 4 of May’s One Four Challenge is here, and for the final week, I decided to try to create some “art.”

I’ve a tried a number of techniques. Sometimes they give me decent results. Other times, they just go in the trash.

Today’s attempt, at least made it this far.

week 4

Thes week’s edit is a result of applying the Diffused Glow and Angled Strokes filters in Photoshop CS5. After that I played with the saturation of the layer with filter and the original Week 2 edit. The saturated filter layer was additionally adjusted in hues as well, making it more pink/red.

Then, I erased out parts of that pink/red filtered layer so that some of the green from the Week 2 edit would come though.

I then merged to two layers and applied the HDR Toning effect to blend and soften them together.

How do you like it?

As a reminder, here are the other weeks so you can decide which is your favorite.

Now make sure you search the reader for other OneFour2016 submissions and click on the badge below to check out the host blog, Captivate Me. Robyn always has a collection of fine photos that will leave you in awe.






7 thoughts on “May ~ Week 4. One Four Challenge.

  1. I like the pink!! 😃 I’ve been having a very pink phase myself lately! It’s nice to change things up and step out of the norm and you have definitely added an artistic touch. You’ve achieved some wonderful variety this month. Nicely done!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thanks. Yeah, I am trying to try new things. For awhile I was just redoing the same edits on different photos. Of course, they can look different on different photos. However, I want to push myself to learn more and that means branching out!

      Liked by 1 person

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