Garden Paint. The Art of Gardening.

Recently, I have started developing my yard. With this being the first Spring and Summer at my new house, it was naturally time to create things in my corner of the Earth.

The first project started with some vegetables, what I called the Garden Project. As the majority of the building has been completed, I am now able to focus on the growing part. I am watching peppers, blueberries and zucchini blossom right before my eyes and I love it.

Meanwhile, I am able to use the time to plant some flowers as well. Below are a few shots that I took recently. They didn’t come out to the quality that I liked though. However, rather than delete them, I played around with them until I thought they were worthy of sharing. Basically, you could say that I “recycled” the less-than-impressive photos into art. I hope you enjoy them.

If you are interested in seeing the photos that came out though, just click here if you want to see raindrops on plants/flowers or here for no raindrops on plants/flowers.


For the Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Earth.

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