June. One Photo Focus.

This month’s One Photo Focus image is compliments of David Croker of CADEPhotographic. What a lovely scene.

June 1PF

When I first opened it, I somehow flipped the picture unintentionally and the reflections were now on top, which looked kind of cool. This lead me to focus on the reflections in the water.

My first step was to create another layer of the original photograph. In this layer, I desaturated the image to take away all the color. This created a black and white layer of the image.

After that, I erased out the water of the black and white layer. This allowed the color version of the water to shine through to compliment the black and white sky.

Then I decided I apply the Angled Strokes filter. Before doing this though, I needed to merge the black and white sky and the colored water layers together. This way, the Angled Strokes filter had a uniformed blend.

I like that but went a step further. I took the merged layer and applied the HDR Toning effect. This allowed me to soften the details (focus) even more and saturation.

The result of those steps is below.

1PF June-MLunatoPhotography small

What do you think? How would you change it?

Feel free to offer suggestions. I find it a great way to learn and don’t get easily offended either.

One Photo Focus, for those not familiar is a challenge where one photo is selected to be edited. Then, various photographers edit that one photo as they wish. It’s pretty interesting to see just how many different ways one photo can be edited.

To see all the versions, just click on the badge below to go to the host’s page, Visual Venturing. Stacy shows her own great edit and then all the others as well.




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