Adventure. A Blue Heron’s Dinner.

The Great Blue Heron is quite a regal bird to me. I can’t say I had ever really heard or paid attention to them prior to living in Georgia. However, since moving here, they have captured my attention.

They nest near bodies of water as they are avid fisherman. While visiting in Atlanta, I happen to find a noble heron at a park. It allowed us to witness its dining adventure.

It was very interesting to watch it perch upon a log and intensely watch the water. Then it would dive into the water, head first, wings extended and spear a fish with its beak. After coming out of the water, it would merely open its beak a little to slide the fish from its beak and then toss it in the air to snatch up and swallow.

Atlanta, Georgia

April 2016


For the Daily Post Photo Challenge ~ Adventure.

Come back Friday to see some of these pictures turned into “paintings” in a post for the After Before Friday Forum editing challenge.




7 thoughts on “Adventure. A Blue Heron’s Dinner.

    1. They are so elegant indeed! Thank you. I wish I had my bigger camera with me. They seem to be down by the river often. Maybe I can make a trip there to capture some more shots.

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